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Tuesday election primer: Candidates and ballot questions


By Cynthia Drummond for BRVCA


RICHMOND – With Tuesday’s midterm election quickly approaching, the BRVCA is pleased to offer a last - minute primer on the candidates. We are also including information on local and state ballot questions.  




Town Council:




Richard Nassaney – R

James Palmisciano – I

Lauren Cacciola-Parmer – D

Ronald Newman – D




Samantha Wilcox – D

Michael Colasante – R

Helen Sheehan – R

Mark Trimmer – R

Mark Reynolds – I

Daniel Madnick – I

Jeffrey Vaillancourt – R


Chariho School Committee:




Ryan Callahan – I

William Day – I




Jessica Marie Purcell - D

Kathryn Colasante – R

Patricia Pouliot – R




Senator, General Assembly District 34




Elaine Morgan – R




Jennifer Douglas – D



Representative, General Assembly, District 39



Justin Price – R




Megan Cotter – D

Sean Patrick Comella – I






Daniel McKee – D




Ashley Kalus – R

Zachary Baker Hurwitz – I

Paul  Rianna, Jr. – I

Elijah J. Gizzarelli – Libertarian


Lieutenant Governor:


Aaron Guckian – R

Sabina Matos – D

Ross McCurdy – I



Secretary of State:


Pat Cortellessa - R

Greg Amore – D


General Treasurer:


James Lathrop – R

James Diossa – D


Federal: Representative in Congress, District 2


Allen Fung – R

Seth Magaziner – D

William Gilbert – Moderate


Ballot Questions:




Question 4: Licenses for Cannabis Related Businesses


Shall new cannabis-related licenses for businesses involved in the cultivation, manufacture, laboratory testing and for the retail sale of adult recreational-use cannabis be issued in the Town of Richmond?

Question 5: Town Manager


Shall the Charter be amended to make the Town Administrator a Town Manager with more authority over personnel administration?


Question 6: Budget Referendum


Shall the Charter be amended to replace the Financial Town Meeting with an annual budget referendum preceded by two public hearings and followed, if necessary, by a second referendum on a revised budget?


Question 7: Hiring Decisions


Shall the Charter be amended to prohibit Town Council members from attempting to influence the Town Manager’s decisions on hiring, promotion, and removal of Town employees?



Question 11: Recreation Department


Shall the Charter be amended to transfer responsibility for supervision of the Recreation Department from the Recreation Commission to the Town Manager?




Question 12: Municipal Court


Shall the Charter be amended to add a reference to the state law that allows, but does not require, the Town Council to enact an ordinance establishing a municipal court?


Question 13: Charter Amendment


Shall the Charter be amended to repeal the provision enabling charter amendment by voter initiative in order to make the Charter consistent with state law?


Question 14: Text Correction


Shall the Charter be amended to make typographical corrections for clarification, internal consistency, and consistency with state law without changing the meaning of any provision?



State Ballot Questions:


Questions 1 – 3:


Shall the action of the General Assembly, by an act passed at the January 2022 session, authorizing the issuance of bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes of the State of Rhode Island for the capital projects and in the amount with respect to each such project listed below (Questions 1 – 3) be approved, and the issuance of bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes authorized in accordance with the provisions of said act?


Question 1: University of Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Campus - $100,000,000


For repairs and to construct new facilities on the University of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay Campus in support of the educational and research needs for the marine disciplines.



Question 2: Rhode Island School Buildings - $250,000,000


To provide funding for the construction, renovation, and rehabilitation of the state’s public schools.


Question 3: Green Economy Bonds - $50,000,000


For environmental and recreational purposes, to be allocated as follows:


  1. Municipal Resiliency - $16,000,000

  2. Small Business Energy Loan Program - $5,000,000

  3. Narragansett Bay and Watershed Restoration - $3,000,000

  4. Forest Restoration - $3,000,000

  5. Brownfields Remediation and Economic Development - $4,000,000

  6. State Land Acquisition Program - $3,000,000

  7. Local Land Acquisition Matching Grant Program - $2,000,000

  8. Local Recreational Development Matching Grant Program - $2,000,000

  9. Roger Williams Park and Zoo - $12,000,000






Richmond Polling Places:


Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day


  • Richmond Town Hall

  • Richmond Elementary School

  • Chariho Middle School


Questions about where to vote?

Contact the Richmond Board of Canvassers: (401) 539 – 9000 ext. 9

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