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Solar Development in Richmond

Our beautiful town is being threatened by the encroachment of industrial-scale, commercial solar installations by corporate developers. We must work together to protect our scenic vistas, open fields, farmland and cultural landscapes.


There are several pending solar applications that each seriously threaten the quality of life in Richmond. The cumulative effect will have an irreversible impact on our town. The Beaver River Valley Community Association (BRVCA) is not opposed to alternative energy or green power options, but seeks to preserve and protect the unique qualities and rural nature of the town that we know today.


The proposed installations require variances, appeals, and modifications to the existing Town of Richmond Comprehensive Community Plan. Several applications will require rezoning, reclassification of land and subdivisions, with numerous hearings before the town Planning and Zoning Boards, the Town Council, and other State regulatory agencies.


The Sites

These proposed solar developments are not allowed by right. If the zoning developers were to follow existing local ordinances and zoning protocols, the proposed solar installations would not be permitted. The Beaver River Road (Stamp Farm/Depasquale-Green Development, LLC), 180 Shannock Hill Road (Carl Richards Farm/Clearway Solar) - currently inactive -  and the potential North Road (Richards/Clearway Solar) projects are massive installations and will be permanent blights on our landscape. Read more about the proposed applications.


The request for additional accessory fields (Vito Buonomano/Northeast Solar), along Route 2 and in other areas of town, proposes to double the size of the existing solar installations and includes the addition of solar canopies that may rise up to 18 feet. If allowed, these extended fields and one-acre-square solar canopies will populate our open spaces and dominate the landscape.

Your Voice Must be Heard

The Town of Richmond Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Town Council meet to review the applications for solar installations. Help preserve and protect our community by attending these meetings. To receive notifications on when the meetings will take place, please submit your contact information.

Join friends and neighbors in preserving the beautiful Beaver River Valley agricultural district by contacting us at

Solar projects in Richmond
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