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Town of Richmond Comprehensive Community Plan


As defined by the Richmond Comprehensive Community Plan, the importance of the town’s rural nature, natural resources and agrarian past is clearly defined and repeated throughout the document. The following excerpts reveal the importance of preserving and protecting these assets.


Richmond is a Rural Town

“Richmond is a rural town. It has historically been a farming and forestry community with small mill villages along its waterways. Today, residents value its open spaces and natural features. They choose to live here because of its small-town feel and quiet streets. Its abundant natural areas, historic villages, scenic views and vistas of forests, fields and farms and active agricultural businesses define Richmond’s rural character.”


The Rural Character

“The choice of coordinated land use guidelines begins and ends with an awareness and appreciation of environmental features. For many town residents today, their vision of Richmond is filled with rural images. A landscape of open spaces, farms, fields, forests, and flowing waters defines the kind of town that land use planning should strive to preserve… to protect natural resources, manage growth and maintain Richmond’s rural character.”


Preserving and Protecting

“Fragile landscapes with agricultural, recreational and ecological worth complement historic cultural resources and contribute to the town’s rural charm. Preserving and protecting these rivers streams, farms, productive agricultural soils, forests, wetlands, natural heritage sites and scenic landscapes can perpetuate Richmond’s agricultural traditions and enhance its small town nature.”


“It has been a long-standing practice in both Rhode Island and other states to recognize and preserve aesthetically-pleasing vistas and scenic views which are visible from public roadways.  These may include forests, open space, farms or historic properties… Shannock Hill Road, Beaver River Road, Pine Hill Road, North Road, and Lewiston Avenue to name a few, offer views of farms, forest management areas and historic structures. It is in the town’s interest to note and preserve these unique roadway vistas because they enhance the quality of life for residents.”


“Preservation of Richmond’s rural character is the most consistently mentioned local priority in recent and past community surveys.”

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