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Mission Statement

The Beaver River Valley Community Association (BRVCA) was founded in 2018 by concerned property owners and residents for the purpose of protecting the rural character and historic and natural resources that define our community. Our mission, as restated, in part, from our Articles of Incorporation, is to:

  • maintain a community association for the area of Richmond, Rhode Island, known as the Historic Beaver River Valley Agricultural District and its environs;

  • educate the public as to the means of preservation, protection and maintenance of the rural nature and natural and historic resources of this district;

  • protect our historic landscapes, structures and farms and our open space, including our scenic vistas, viewsheds, view corridors and roadways;

  • provide a means by which residents may band together to achieve common goals:

  • foster a positive public attitude toward the area and its future.

  • protect our farmlands, forests, open space, wetlands, rivers, waterways and historic areas and to preserve and restore our ecological systems.

  • encourage and promote active interest in all groups of similar interests, with special emphasis on the natural and historical assets and resources of Richmond, Rhode Island.

Our Cultural Landscape

The Beaver River Valley Agricultural District lies south of the intersection of Beaver River Road and Route 138, and encompasses a rural farming, residential and forested area within the Town of Richmond, Rhode Island. As defined and designated by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission (RIHPHC), this area “retains a strong rural agricultural character, with flat open fields lining both sides of the narrow winding roads.” On Beaver River Road “the scenic quality is dependent on the land use on either side of the road…with the most scenic portions from the Hoyle and Walnut Ridge farms south to Shannock Hill Road.”


The RIHPHC further states that Shannock Hill Road and its “open fields associated with historic farm properties creates one of the most scenic cultural landscapes in the state. The siting of the individual farmsteads combines with the spectacular distant views of the Richmond Hills, the Beaver River Valley Agricultural District and the landscape running to Narragansett Bay. The road captures the essence of rural southwestern Rhode Island with undulating topography, small brooks, contained sight-lines to small farmsteads, and distant views across rocky farm fields." To the east, the district is bordered by the Great Swamp, to the south, the historic villages of Kenyon and Shannock and to the west, the village of Carolina.

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